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Blank page after enabling "HTTPS protocol" - PS


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When preparing my webshop to use secure connection, I decided to enable the HTTPS protocol in the backstore (Tab Preferences->General) by clicking on the given link on "Enable SSL". Notice that I am doing the website development using on a local host (using XAMPP). After doing so the website stopped working and I am only getting a blank page when attempting to load the homepage. When using Firebug in Firefox I got the following message:


"NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - http://localhost/prestashop"


Could please anyone help me with this error?? Any attempt to reverse to the old situation is failing at the moment. It seems that when enabling SSL something has changed permanently on the configuration and this is affecting the whole functionality of the site. I already tryed to switch SSL on/off by brutal force by changing the table "PS_SSL_ENABLED" in the database, but no improvement. At the moment at the BO I see that the radio buttoms for "Enable SSL" are gone, and I am getting back the link "Please click here to use HTTPS protocol before enabling SSL".

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just to let you know on my solution for this problem. I did not figure out what the problem actually was, but my work around was to intall a backup I had from the whole site and database. Hopefully I do not have the same issue when switching SSL on when the site is online on a real server.

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