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Eprocessing Network with Prestashop Help

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I have a merchant account with Eprocessing Network


How do I setup eprocessing network with the latest PrestaShop?


Thanks so much



This is a big concern about eProcessing Network not working in PrestaShop, guess I will use some other product.  Mark

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I was trying to get this to work and finally did and processed a transaction today. Here is my step-by-step.


1. Install SSL cert (my webhosting provider did it for me).

2. In BO. Go to Preferences - General - Enable SSL (first option). I had to click use https, and then it brought the option to turn SSL on.

3. Call eprocessing and tell them you want to use authorize aim emulation, they have to turn it on.

4. My settings under eprocessing - processing control were:

     Disabled Integrations - DBE (Database Engine) and Web Order/ePNCart are checked.

     Advanced - Only Check to use RestrictKey to Restrict TDBE/Authorize.Net™ Emulator Usage is checked

      If you've been using eprocessing, then the other settings have already been configured.

5. On your server (I used file manager) - Edit - public_html - modules - authorizeaim - validation.php.

6. Mine was line 93. I replaced.






$url = 'https://www.eProcess.../an/transact.pl';


7. Save changes.

8. In BO - Modules - Authorize.net AIM - Configure

9. Login ID is your eprocessing network login.

10. Key is under Processing Control - Advanced - and it is the key next to the Generate RestrictKey.

11. In the BO configuration window - click live, your credit cards, and then Update settings. I also changed the dropdown "Order status: "Hold for Review"" to Payment Accepted (not sure if this matters).


Good luck. 




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