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Why Contact form is not refreshing after changes saved?

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Good day! I have a problem with contact form. Our site has its own styled theme, i dont know is it right, but developer made a *tpl file for menu in header. To make workable top menu in this tpl file he attached a *php files like contact-form.php and news.php, and other links from CMS to buttons.

So the button "Contact us" has its link to contact-form.php, but main content and working script of contacts is located in contact-form.tpl - in this we have php code of feedback form, but there needed to be a simple text contacts, then in contact-form.tpl was added a text with contacts with help of HTML just like this:

<br /><br /><strong>Orders and Artwork: </strong> <a href="mailto:support@wildcatsouvenirs.com">support@wildcatsouvenirs.com</a>

<br /><br /><strong>Business development, Advertising:</strong> <a href="mailto:admin@wildcatsouvenirs.com;">admin@wildcatsouvenirs.com</a>

<div style="text-align:center;font-size: 12px;"><strong>or mail us:</strong>

<br />Wild Cat Souvenirs Co.

<br />Suite 617, 141-6200 McKay Ave.,

<br />Burnaby, BC, V5H 4M9,

<br />Canada



Long time ago, when we needed to change adress, I just open this tpl file and change the "red colored" line as I need. Then saved and upload with replacing old file. Its worked. The contact changed and all was happy!

But now its not working, i do the same operation to change to a new adress, save and replace old file, and old contacts are still there, even when i removed contact-form.tpl, its still there... and trying to remove header.tpl with all menu items, the same... menu is present, and contact not changing.

I dont understand, maybe prestashop has some sort of cache memory, or what. What should I check, or do to make this simple correction again?

Maybe the screen-shot show contact-form.tpl more detailed.


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