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hi all, can someone help get the import menu file correct.


it only create the main categories, it doesnt create the sub categories.


Can someone help? Does anyone have a model that i can follow?


heres is an example of my file.


10054;1;Pet;Fish;0;Fish;Fish;free shipping fish tank heaters aquariums;free shipping fish tank heaters aquariums;Fish;fish.jpg;1;
10055;1;Pet;Cat;0;Cat;Cat;free shipping cat toys;free shipping cat toys;Cat;cat.jpg;1;
10056;1;Pet;Dog;0;Dog;Dog;free shipping dog toys;free shipping dog toys;Dog;dog.jpg;1;
10057;1;Pet;Bird;0;Bird;Bird;free shipping bird toys;free shipping bird toys;Bird;bird.jpg;1;
10058;1;Pet;Other;0;Other;Other;free shipping other pet lizards ;free shipping other pet lizards ;Other;otherpet.jpg;1;


thanks in advance

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Here is a simplified and altered mini-list that I successfully imported, after carefully making the fields to correspond to my header / column contents.

Your list is a bit strange, I suppose you have to ignore a number of columns. no?

Note: imported in



42;1;"Games & Toys";1;;"http://www.example.com/OldShop/images/categories/b06_games.png"

74;1;"Stuff and Bluff";1;"The description

Can be multiline";"http://www.example.com/OldShop/images/categories/b05_crea.png"

78;1;"Hats & Caps";1;"Head first accessories";"http://www.example.com/OldShop/images/categories/accessories hats.png"

83;1;"Special commands";1;"This is a ""special"" command.";"http://www.example.com/OldShop/images/categories/b10_spec.png"


55;1;"Disguises";42;"Play to be another";"http://www.example.com/OldShop/images/categories/disguises.png"

60;1;"Hand puppets";42;"HP";"http://www.example.com/OldShop/images/categories/Hand puppets.png"

285;1;"Specific Special Commands";83;"Specific special";"http://www.example.com/OldShop/images/categories/SSC.png"

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