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Integration with existing backend


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Hello everyone!


I am new to PrestaShop. I need a webshop cms that can be integrated with an existing backend (work assignment). The only thing that needs to be done for integration is to create a textfile with details about the order, which will be processed by our servers.


I've read about module development and got a first test-module to run, but it only displays information on the main site, which isn't very helpful for me.


Is it possible to generate a textfile with order details every time an order is made? Where would I hook the module if I want it to "fire" every time orders are placed?


Thank you in advance, every hint is appreciated!

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After some more looking around I found the actionValidateOrder hook. If I hook my module there, will I be able to get order details of the last order made from the database? Or is there a better way of "intercepting" the order process?


I'd have to extract stuff like customer ID, products, etc. which seems relatively difficult, but not impossible (looking at the database structure).

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