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PayPal Error

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I have been trying to get my PayPal module to work. I have created an account, logged in, made a purchase and chose PayPal which has been setup in BO. When I click to confirm my order I get redirected with an error that simply says:


Error occrrred:


Nothing else.


Question #2 to be sure I have my IPN configured correctly, I am not sure where to redirect to for the downloads and confirmation. Can anyone help with that as well?




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have you got an access to error log? maybe there you can find something more about your issue.


But to be honest, i think that the problem may be with module configuration. Are you sure that you configured it correctly?


your shop is online now?

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I am working on my shop now - not online yet. I believe I have it configured correctly with my API info as it came directly from PayPal. I am still not sure about the return/confirmation page as to what to enter for the IPN??


Thank you for your response.

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i have the same issure i have aso been trying to contact presta shop for 2 months and have not heard one reply!

i am now loosing money as when my customers go to pay with pay pal it has error 404 not allowed!

i have put in all the correct API information but it still ownt work !! HELP!

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Hi Thecakeden,

I understand your frustrations. I did finally get my PayPal working. I had to uninstall and reinstall the module several times. But if you do this, be sure to go back into your BO and re-check ALL the countries from where you want to be able to receive payment. Learned this the hard way as several customers from Australia could not purchase from me. At any rate it is corrected now.


Your problem with the 404 error sounds like your page may not be defined in PayPal. In addition to your API credentials, you need to go to Paypal and click on your Profile > My Selling Tools > Website Preferences and make sure you have a page set up to return your customers to your site. I sell only digitial downloads, so you may or may not need this. Mine is set up to go to the "checkout_success" page.


I am still having a problem with the API though in that every day, at just about the same time - within minutes each day - I receive an error message in my inbox that says:

"A client has encountered a problem with the module PayPalAPI, see the report:"


So I go to my error log in my hosting account and I find this:

[19-Feb-2013 12:51:56] PHP Warning: Division by zero in /home3/songbir5/public_html/classes/controller/FrontController.php on line 869


On line 869 I find this: "$pages_nb = ceil($nbProducts / (int)$this->n);" Now I have no idea what this means as I am not a programmer! I probably know just enough code to be dangerous!! LOL


I hope that something I have said will be a help to you. Let me know. I am hoping someone will see this and reply for both our problems! At least mine has not caused any customer/money loss.


Oh BTW, I am using Version





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Hi balburl

I have just done all that and it still ownt work!

i also cant urdate my prestashop to 1.5.3 i comes up with another error for the server

apparently i need to call my server people again after finding out what checks i need

to enable the upgrade but as per normal prestashop wont contact me 10 emails now and no

response! im now loosing money every day!

Any ideas on how to contact them?!

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I'm sorry that didn't work for you. Why don't you try calling them on their toll free number at the top of the page? You also might try a fresh post in the General Forum? That might get some attention. Obviously you and I, and one other person are all that have seen this thread! I think I will post in another thread as well. But at least I can make sales now. Wishing you the best.



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