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Paying at external service


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Hi! I'm new at online modeling, and I have one question.


After I checkout my basket i would like to go on external service (PayWay by T-com), then buyer pay the amount on this page, and goes back to Presta, and save in database his order, / or if buyer cancel his order then go to Presta, but without saveing a basket ( I belive that is good link to page where I was click PAY BY PayWay), but I don't know on which page (position in folders) to change link that it don't go to saveing to base, he must go from there to T com, and which page after sucsses paying to saveing in a base.



Thank you very much! I believe that you will understand what I would like to ask.

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Ultimately, you'll need a module to achieve what you described. Depending on your PrestaShop version, this may help




Keep in mind that, assuming a customer is unable to pay, their order will still be saved in the database as Pending Payment, as per this module. You'll need to manipulate the module to remove unsuccessful orders.

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It's hard to tell from the code. I think you'll have to upload the module and give it a try. Most of the time, though, the ability to leave your website to make payments is mandated by the Payment Gateway and not the module.


Does T-Com allow for a test account? If so, I'd create a test site, upload the module and give it a run to see if it does what you want.

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Thanks, it works, but now I have another problem and I doesn't know how to fixet it.


When I sent a total amount to T-com it always sent a amount in my cart, but if I have 2 courencys - euros and kunas.

T-com PayWay acepts only amount in kunas, and if user have curency in euros it will sent to t-com amount in euros, (10 eurs and I won't that he sent a 75 kn). I think that is not possibile to make automatic conversion, or you know something about that? (Ako netko iz Hrvatske ima sličnih problema slobodno mi se javi ukoliko ih zna riješiti, hvala!)

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