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Best practices for making a module that supports multiple Prestashop versions


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We are working on an open-source Prestashop module (plugin) and we want to support several Prestashop versions.

  1. What versions of Prestashop are the most important to be supported? Right now we support 1.4. Should we do 1.5 next or go earlier? How common is Prestashop 1.3 anyways?
  2. Should we create one module package (.tar or .zip) per major release? Or is it recommended to have one code-base which supports all of them? Splitting the code into branches per major release can make the code cleaner, but harder to maintain.
  3. What's the best source for old Prestashop versions? Instead of testing every minor release (which can become crazy), can you recommend the important minor versions for testing?

A few words about the module itself.. We are making an open platform that helps people create mobile apps for their online stores. Anyone can use our platform to make mobile apps for free. You can find the introduction post here.


The plugin is available open-source on GitHub (http://github.com/ap...ugin-prestashop), if anyone is interested in helping us with the code, just let me know!

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