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Page not found report not working

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I am having a major issue! My page not found report is showing that no pages are registered but when i go to my visits stats, it looks like this:



it seems like close to half of my visitors are on page not found. I go through my website and cant regenerate it, all i can think is maybe somethings wrong with external links but doesnt make sense why half of our visitors would get it.


Any help would help greatly with this issue. Im not sure when this started but its really causing a hit on this website.

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in modules/pagesnotfound/pagesnotfound.php search the line


if (strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], '404.php') && !strstr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '404.php'))


and change into


if (Context::getContext()->controller->php_self == '404' || (strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], '404.php') && !strstr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '404.php')))

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