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How to exclude module blocks from costume page in PrestaShop?


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I'm trying to exclude certain modules from some custome pages I created in prestashop, for example, I have a distribution/store and I have a top horizontal menu with a link to artwork.php that shall open that page with the same header, with store logo, flag, horizontal menu, etc, but to exclude the different modules I want them not to appear from that page on the exclusions camp in module > positions, seems not to work.


I've read and done everything from that link and others...



Any ideas?



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I could make it work, turning urj rewriting on, on localhost (activating this feature there).

I'm using prestashop 1.5.3.

There's now a problem...


I can access the url ONLY if I write it directly eg(http://localhost/gat...tro/artwork.php)

If i use the top horizontal header bar (from prestashop) with the link to artwork, it will redirect to a not found page, it will redirect to: http://localhost/gat.../PT/artwork.php using the portuguese translation and http://localhost/gat.../EN/artwork.php using the english translation.


Yes I use and have the need for dual language, I've tried also to create a folder called PT and put the artwork.php but, again, gives me a error of page not found.


Any ideas?

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