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Hi, I would like to ask if there is anyone who could help me with my problem. The thing is, that we all know, that in prestashop, we can customize a default currency for the whole e-shop and also we can add other currencies through which prestashop automatically calculates prices to these currencies from the default one.


I need to achieve that I put prices in administration in U.S Dollars and that in e-shop they would show as Euros (and calculate via current ratio). The only problem I see is that if I set default currency as USD the default currency in e-shop is also USD, the other currency is only available only if you click the roll menu. And this is what I need to achieve - set currency in administration for USD and set default currency EUR in e-shop.


I also got some idea, set the default currency as USD. Add another currency EUR, set a ratio for calculation from USD to EUR. And edit some file (don't know which) so e-shop picks automatically EUR.


I just don't know where, what and how to add/edit. Is there anyone that could help me with my issue please.


I use prestashop 1.4.8


I really appreciate any help! Thank you.

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I always take a look at these sort of posts because I have a couple modules that allow you to localize. For you the geo targeting pro module would solve your issue, i.e. if from eeuu, you can have the default currency set to usd. You can do this for any number of countries/currencies you have defined in your native prestashop...See my signature and make sure to check out the user guide..


That being said, while you are visiting my site, change currencies, and tell me if you notice something cool about the decimals. This is a new module and solves the issue of currency conversion with decimal values.

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in the blockcurrencies.tpl file is a javascript function javascript:setCurrency({$f_currency.id_currency}, whic is called when you change the currency manually when picking one. I assume one could call this function from somewhere when the user opens the front page for the first time or so.


No idea where to put it exactly though, (and make sure it's only done one time. Otherwise the user gets annoyed when it changed it manually to another currency!)


Anyone any idea where to put it?


My 2 cents,


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Looks like frontcontroller.php initiates the currency. It reads it from a cookie, if it exists. Not sure though where it is set to a 'default' when the cookie doesn't exist yet. This seems to be the place to change it to your wished for currency, as it sets it one time only, when initializing for the first time.

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