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Iam looking for a way to do some discount url.


Example a product normaly cost 100, but in a forum i want example to post a link with special discount, so if they click on the url then the price will change to example 50 instead, just by clickin the link.


actually Vistaprint.com have similar way that allow their custoemrs to get another prices by giving them a link like vistaprint.biz/catalog50, by that way you will get 50% discount on all vistaprint products.


but iam interested doing this role for a specific products only, some idea how to do that, is there a module or something.


currently iam using prestashop 1.5, and they have a new option "Creat order from backend" and there is a button at the bottom of the page that allow you to send email to customer with a specific cart with discounted price by let him click on a link that is send by email.

example of a url created by this function are



hope someone have idea how to do that.

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Hi Bibob,

What you could do is make a special customer group, say 'MyBestCustomers', add all the special customers you want to send the link to this group.

Then add a "special price" to the discounted product(s) for your new group (Edit product, prices tab). Send the link and when logged in, the customer that got the link should see the special price instead of the default one, as he belongs to the discounted group.


Play with it a little. Maybe this works for you.


Hope this helps,


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