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[Solved] Header icons not fully shown

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Hi there,

I'm changing my layout and decided to change all the icons in header section for new, bigger ones.
However, these are not fully displayed because of the header table rows height. I've been trying to figure out what CSS style defines those heights but without a success:( Can you please advise where and what needs to be amended?

Many thanks!


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Hey, I think you got me wrong, guys... I don't have any problem with showing you the shop, it's still on a testing stage though and I decided to change the layout first, before adding any products. I was just slow on the uptake, after sitting in front of the monitor for 12 hours and didn't understand it is easier to advise when seeing the source code ;-)

Yeah, I've been already using FIREBUG and that helps alot, indeed. However, the problem with icons still remains unsolved - hence my question here.

The shop address is here:

Many thanks in advance for your guidance!

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Hello san diego,

I am a newbie in creating a webshop an work with code and css.

To learn how to configure the prestashop theme and find answers to my many questions I read in the forum.

Now my question. In the pictures is shown a program, for the work with css etc. what kind of program is it?

I think you speak also german, for this please reply prefered in german

Noch mal das ganze auf deutsch.

Ich bin absoluter Anfänger bei dem erstellen eines Webshops und der Änderungen von Codes und CSS.

Um das zu lernen für meinen Prestashop, und um für meine ganzen Fragen Antworten zu finden lese ich hier im Forum.

Nun meine Frage. In den Bildern ist ein Programm zu sehen, mit dem man (so hoffe ich) css etcs finden und ändern kann? Oder was ist das.

Also wenn ich bisher einen hinweis gefunden habe, dann hatte ich die entsprechende Datei in dreamweaver aufgerufen, um diese zu ändern. Leider behersche ich dreamweaver gar nicht.

Lieben Gruß


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no german in the english forum!
the program you´re asking for, is firebug for firefox web browser
there you can see the source code and make some changes in realtime.

But it does not change the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is only for testing.
Than you need a text editor, like Dreamweaver or Notepad: http://www.thefreecountry.com/programming/editors.shtml
to change the code, therefore you use fireFTP for Firefox to download your file from your website
change it with notepad and upload your changed file again.
the most changes in presta, needs to be done in the global css of your theme in the theme folder


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