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Enabling "blocklayered" in Offers (price-drop.tpl)


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Hello! Good morning to all the PS community :) .


We would like to know if it´s possible to Enable the "blocklayered" module in the "discounts" (price-drop.tpl) prestashop page?


I suppose this needs some core modifications, but would be perfect to show the "outlet" or "discounted" items per product category and not all together. We are looking to apply in this clients website "outlet area" : http://www.kornerst.com/es/outlet


How would you do to show discounted items by category?

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Hi both,

Would it be sufficient to still display all the products, but ORDER them by category (and if wanted) visibly separate them from each other? Or do you really need to first select a category and then show only the products of that category?


Please add some quick drawing how you visualize/imagine it to be.


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While I don't have a solution for you I just thought I'd point out for some people's scenarios that you may as well replace prices-drop with a reference to yourprestashopdomain.com/index.php?id_category=2&controller=category (i.e. home) if >90% of your products are reduced. This was the case with one of my clients since the on-line price was invariably lower than the retail price. The layered navigation module would function normally in such cases with all nested sub-categories.

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