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I have been using a module from Business Tech to display my shops products in a Facebook app on my fan page. It app has been working fine right up to Prestashop 1.4.9


Since moving across to 1.5.3 the module no longer appears to work and I only get a server 500 error.


Does anyone else have the same module/problem. Do you know if it is related to a Facebook change or I am assuming more likely do to Prestashop 1.5.3... really hard to debug when you are unsure of the cause.


Any help would be appreciated.

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so it stopped working in 1.4.9 and you expected it to work in 1.5.3?...jajajaja I love optimists


here is a tip: if the module does not say it's ps vers x.x.x compatible...you can pretty much rest assured it's not


as for 1.5...there is a huge difference and not many but the simplest of modules would work in 1.5 that were coded for 1.4...

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Hi Elpatron - The module worked fine in 1.4.9, it has only stopped since I moved to 1.5.3 a week ago.


Considering the timing i assume it relates to a change in Prestashop (unless FB altered something in the last week, which could happen). But am not sure where to start looking, I have gone through a lot of the calls to Class functions but they do not appear to have been altered.

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Have been debugging a 1.4 module all weekend to upgrade it to 1.5, I have one error left I can't work out.


Fatal error: Call to a member function getCMSLink() on a non-object in \CMS.php on line 104


getCMSLink() in the Link class is being call from the getLinks( ) method in the CMS class.


I have been working through the code to try and determine what changes may have impacted this, but no to avail


Any ideas??

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