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[SOLVED] [Override] Add a new hook to an existing module ?


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I am trying to add a new hook to an existing module but it does not work. My prestashop version is 1.5.3.


So far I have done the following:

  1. Add the new hook in ps_hook:
    			INSERT INTO `ps_hook` (`name`, `title`, `description`)
    			VALUES ('displayToptop', 'Top top of the pages', 'Hooks before the top hook');

  2. Add a new alias in ps_hook_alias for this new hook:
    			INSERT INTO `ps_hook_alias` (`alias`, `name`)
    			VALUES ('toptop', 'displayToptop');

  3. Override the FrontController class:
    			class FrontController extends FrontControllerCore
    			  public function initContent()
    			   if ($this->context->getMobileDevice() == false)
    				$this->context->smarty->assign('HOOK_TOPTOP', Hook::exec('displayToptop'));

  4. Override (at least try) the existing module. Here it's the blockuserinfo module.:
    			if (!defined('_PS_VERSION_'))
    		class BlockUserInfo extends Module
    			{	public function install()
    			  return (parent::install() AND $this->registerHook('toptop'));
    			* Returns module content for header
    			* @param array $params Parameters
    			* @return string Content
    			public function hookToptop($params)
    			  if (!$this->active)
    			   return;	  $this->smarty->assign(array(
    			   'cart' => $this->context->cart,
    			   'cart_qties' => $this->context->cart->nbProducts(),
    			   'logged' => $this->context->customer->isLogged(),
    			   'customerName' => ($this->context->customer->logged ? $this->context->customer->firstname.' '.$this->context->customer->lastname : false),
    			   'firstName' => ($this->context->customer->logged ? $this->context->customer->firstname : false),
    			   'lastName' => ($this->context->customer->logged ? $this->context->customer->lastname : false),
    			   'order_process' => Configuration::get('PS_ORDER_PROCESS_TYPE') ? 'order-opc' : 'order'
    			  return $this->display(__FILE__, 'blockuserinfotop.tpl');

The new view has been created too. I have uninstall and re-install the module but when I try to hook this module to the new hook, it says: it's not possible to hook this module to this hook (or something equivalent as my backend is in french).


Did I do something wrong? Is it possible to add new hook to existing module? Should I completely redevelopped a new module based on the existing one?


Thx in advance!

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you need to do this also:


public function hookToptop($params){

 return $this->hookTop($params);


so that it returns what the hook_top returns. If you want to have a different template to show your hook, you must do this:


public function hookToptop($params){

return $this->display(__FILE__, 'my_blockuserinfo.tpl');


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In fact I do not want to display the content of the hookTop.


The only way to add a new hook in an existing module is to create a new one based on the existing one and modify the module class. There is no way right now to override a module class.

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