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PS v1.5.3: How can I apply or change block background colours

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Wondering if anyone can help, I managed to add a background image instead of a colour to my site, the problem I have now is that all the blocks [left, centre & right] appear to be transparent, making the contained text difficult to read, so I want to make the block background white.


I have noticed that global.css now incorporates the .css modules files code into instead of separate files, what do I need to change or add to global.css to replace the transparency with a solid colour?




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To make it more detailed:


Go to themes/yourtheme/css/grid_prestashop.css


Open, and edit in line 44:


.container_9 .grid_2 {
width: 202px;
background: #fff;  /*ADD THIS LINE HERE*/
padding-left: 0px;


This is for the columns, now for the page, in line 11:


.container_9 {
margin: 0px auto;
width: 980px;
background: #fff; /* ADD THIS LINE HERE*/


It doesn't add up to me it moves the columns to the left side, since in the coding I gave you there's no padding.


You may want to show me the code you're trying to modify if this doesn't work.

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