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Pinterest Profile Widget and IE problem

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Hi, I'm new to development for Prestashop and I've encountered a very strange problem loading the Pinterest Profile Widget in a theme with Internet Explorer 9 (see Pinterest-widget-broken.jpg). This is fine in Chrome and Firefox however.


Along with the theme's 'global.css', I've customised a theme by adding my own 'custom.css' stylesheet.


What happens is that if I remove the link tag to my 'custom.css' file, the Pinterest profile widget appears fine, only if that link is added it breaks. It doesn't appear to be a problem with CSS in the 'custom.css' file because if I remove all CSS rules from the 'custom.css' file and make it empty, the Pinterest widget still breaks.


It appears to be the loading of the 'custom.css' file, whether it is empty or not that causes the widget to break as shown. This site also passes W3C validation for HTML5.


Including the content of the custom.css at the end of the global.css file seems to work but I would prefer if all my customised CSS was kept in the seperate custom.css file as global.css is very large.


Does anyone have a suggestion what could be wrong?



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Managed to solve this frustrating IE problem by selecting the option 'Use CCC for CSS.' beside 'Smart Cache for CSS'. This combined all the CSS files into a single cached file. It also solved another problem I had with the menu becoming corrupt in the Shopping Cart page.


Seems a good option to keep enabled as there were a lot of CSS files being loaded that were associated with modules. :)

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