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How to make a language official ? --- Chinese ---

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Dear Sirs and Madam,

I am reviewing most of the topic, found there's a question, never been answered.

The questions is, hwo to make a language official reconize by you ? And approved, we saw may language been approved, such as Thai, but no Chinese at all, I am here to represent all my firends who all use this software to ask a question, into what kind of level depth, to be able to apply to become official language translation for Chinese, both cn and tw.

Appriciate if you can let all of us know the guideline, we would like to put effort to make it happen.

Best Regards

Mike Wu represent many Chinese user

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Thank you very much Presta Team !

I am totally understood the process now. We shall working on translation, once complete, we shall send to you.

If you want to contribute to the PrestaShop project, you can propose your new translation to the PrestaShop Team. In the Export a language section, select the new language, in the following fields select prestashop then click Export. Save this file and send it to [email protected] with as subject “New translation : XX” with XX as ISO code of the language.
You have contributed to the PrestaShop project !

Best Regards

Mike Wu

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