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Adding "add to cart" button on product page


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Hi there,



For a new bikinishop i'm looking to add an "add to cart" button on the product page, so that you have the ability to add the top and/or bottom to the card, without necessarily buying the whole set.


Now i've tried to do this with attribute prices, so that the full price is say 100, then get -50% when selecting "no top", and another "no bottom" -50% option. For some reason this didn't really work out in the current possibilities.


Would anyone have a suggestion on how to get this up and running?





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Ok so here is a tutorial on the correct way to apply this type of combo.


First go to Category, Attributes & Values, click on Create new Attribute add give it a name like Bikini & Separates (or your choice) select the type I use radio button and save.

Now click on Add new value, you should see the attribute you just created in the drop list now enter a value such as bikini and click Save then add another value.

Now enter another value such as Bikini bottom only and click Save then add another value.

Now enter another value such as Bikini top only and click save.


Now go to Category, Products and click edit on a product that you want to sell as a whole and separates.

Now in the left menu click on Combinations, then New Combination.

Now lets say the bikini sells for $40 and the top is $20 and the bottom is $20.

The Bikini weighs .5lb. (just for tutorial)

For the first combo in the drop list at top select Bikini then add (should now appear is text area).

For this combo the only other selection you need is at the bottom Make this the default combination then click save and stay.

Now make the next selection Bikini top click add (should appear in text area) now in the price section Impact on price choose reduction and put $10 in the weight select reduction and enter .25 click Save and stay.

Now do the same for to Bikini bottom when done click on save.


Go to front office go to the product click view you should now have options and each radio button mill have a different price when clicked.


I hope you can follow this if not let me know.

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Thanks for the elaborate post, tdr170.


This indeed works, however, I want people to be able to order different sizes tops/bottoms aswell. So various combinations such as:

- Top C, bottom Medium

- Top B, bottom Medium

- No top, bottom Medium

- Top A, no bottom


Et cetera must all be available...

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  • 2 months later...

Hello Cross Y,


Did you find the solution for your problem?


I'm looking for the solution for the same problem.


For my case, I will need this process.


1 - The client choose the color of the bikini.

2 - The client choose size of the top of the bikini (Small, Medium.....)

3 - The client choose the bottom of the bikini (Small, Medium, etc) but I can be a different size of the top, but the client can not change the color of the bikini.

The most important point is that the PS needs to control the stock, for example, I should control the number of the tops x bottom x colors to allow to the client buy just products on stock.


Thank you,


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