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Can Anyone Help...?




I'm trying to figure out how I can use a Combination/Attribute to increase the price of a product by a defined percentage rather than a defined price.


I'm using PS 1.5.2 and would really appreciate any help here... It may be that you have an alternate method and if so, I'd love to hear it. I'm confident that this is something many people could use.


To clarify what I'm looking to achieve, the task is pretty simple really.


I'm selling Printed Materials such as Business Cards, Flyers, Posters etc and as part of this sale, many clients require what we call Express Production (basically this means that instead of taking a week to design and print, we complete the process in 72 hours). We offer this added service at a rate of 50% above the standard cost.


What I need, is some way of placing a check box or radio button within each product that when checked, will automatically increase the product price by 50%, but this needs to work in line with other attributes too. For example, there are various quantities available, each have a different price... 1000 @ £52, 2500 @ £81, 5000 @ £99 etc... So the 50% increase should be applied to the chosen Quantity and Price.


I'm grateful for all help with this and look forward to your reply.



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I suggest just to copy every combination with +50% price and title something like "AAA Express".


Prices for combinations are calculated through JavaScript in Front Office. I don't think that there will be an improvement here because of possible problems.

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