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Cart , user info and search changed position - v1.5.3.1

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I have done a fresh install of prestashop latest version v1.5.3.1.

I have done some basic settings (currency, language, etc ...) and then I have added items to the top menu, from the corresponding block.


I do not know what happened but the Cart block has changed position. I have uninstall it, disable it, but the same. Then I have also disabled then User info block, and the Cart block dissapear toghether with it (although it was installed and enabled). I thought there is something wrong with Quick search block, so I disable it. After I enable, it was also not in correct position.


Please see attached file.


I did not modified any core files. All the changes were done from the administration panel.

Same problem in Chrome, Mozzila and Internet Explorer.


Any solution ? If any of the prestashop representatives want to have a look I can give user and pass (store does not have any items added).




Edit: Seems that this guy here had the same problem. Tried all that, but nothing.


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I have unhooked module Cart Block, User info block and Quick Search Block from "Top of Pages" and "Header of Pages".


Now if I transplant User info block to "Header of Pages" nothing happens (user block can't be seen).

If I transplant Cart block to "Header of pages" same: nothing happens.


If I transplant them both "Top of pages" but also leaving them to "Header of pages" both blocks appear but in the same wrong position.


Same happend with Quick search.


Seems there is a connection between these 3 blocks.


Is there any specific to be done when these modules are beeing transplanted ? Is there any order and some specific places to be hooked ?

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I had exactly the same problem and posted for help, but never got a reply. (sorry don't know how to do a short link, but here's my post from yesterday)



Like you, I did not change any core files as I'm only new to this app :) I unhooked, hooked back up, uninstalled, reinstalled, but none of that helped. I was about to reinstall, but thought I'd play around a bit more first and have finally managed to get it fixed to my liking.


I had to go to Modules>positions


Find the blocks (can't remember the actual names now as I've closed down the BO as it's 4.30am ! lol) Mine were all together near bottom of the positions page - easy to find , and you then change the positions of the modules by dragging them one above the other in the order you want them.


Only problem I had was getting the search bar in correct position, so I changed some of the CSS in the search module css and got it just above the top nav bar by editing the top position and floating it right (default was left and it moved right on top of my logo until I changed in css).


You can see the changes I managed to do here:



I hope all that makes sense as I said, I've only been working with this for 3 days :)

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Thank you for your info.


But I have done a fresh install, done nothing, uninstalled User info block and Cart block and then installed back.

Same problem like the first post. This is definitely a prestashop problem.




I have done a second fresh install, done nothing, disabled Quick search block. Enable it back, and it come back in the correct position.

Then I have uninstall it Quick search block, install it back and then it WAS NOT in the correct position.


If you need a beta tester I am in. :)

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So, any idea how should I fix this ?


Sorry you're still having problems - I know how frustrating it is - esp. not getting any answered !


If you look at my link above, you can see I solved my problem and have everything in place. I think the last thing I tried was using the 'reset' in the module in the BO. Did you try that?


The search bar does end up being in the middle of the page or on top of the logo - when you either reinstall or reset, which I think is a problem as it is positioned to the 'left' of the box when it is reset. I changed the position of it in the CSS and now it sits on the right side under the userinfo block .


Anyway, try resetting and see if that works. You then need to 'position' the different areas via the BO (under the modules>positions) to move one above the other.... hope this all makes sense - I'm still learning too :)

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Incredible ... ! After all this time no answer from prestashop team.


Excellent support ! Keep it up.

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Guys, take it easy, here is solution: :)


go to Modules>positions and scroll all down at the bottom of the page. There you will find block of modules called "Top of pages" (displayTop).

Cart and user info block are probably at the bottom of that block. And this is wrong position.

Grab the cart block (grab it between number and those small arrows) and put it on 4th place. Then grab user info block and put it on 5th place (under chart block). Block quick search should be on position no. 6.


It should look like this:


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