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[solved] No add to cart button when product has combinations

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Haven't really noticed before, but it seems that all my products with product combinations don't display the "add to cart" button but show a "add to cart" text (which does nothing, really) instead.


I've checked:

- products are enabled,

- products are available for order

- products have stock (all combinations)

- forced recompile, no cache, reset / clear cache


So far I can't seem to get it to work.


Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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After quite some debugging, I've found that this problem was caused by a bug in the product import system: product quantities were added to the database, but one important record used in both FO and BO were missing, or wrongly added.


All product with quantities require a record linked to a id_shop_group if this group has shared quantities. In my case, the records were written to id_shop_group = 0 instead of the needed id_shop_group = 1;

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Hi mike-dta,


I'm having the same problem, but I can't find "id_shop_group" anywhere in the database - could you please give me a hand?


- Edit: I did find "id_shop_group" in the "ps_stock_available" table, however changing the value to "1" doesn't seem to make any difference.




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Finally after many days of investigation with no luck I have found the problem. Share a like if it help you.  :)

This succed only with the products that have the combinations active. If succed for all products you have then is "Catalog Mode" activate. In this case turn it off.

If instead it succed only for some product if you see are all products with combinations that you have created. Just set the "Date of availability" of the product and check the right quantity inside each combination created.  :)


That's all!  :)

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