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{ SOLVED } totally confused re: editing files

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Thought I'd post this for any other newbiew like me who are totally confused as to how to edit various areas of this cart: After a bit more playing around - found that I can edit various files via the Modules area. Call up the module associated with the block you need to click and 'configure' option to make changes. If you don't want that module to show, just disable the module... so far so good.


-------------------- update above-------------

I just checked out the file system on my server, but can't find how to manually edit the header or footer files for example. I'm probably missing something really simple, but apart from being able to change colours via css, how do I edit these files to change / remove links that I don't need in those areas ?

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Hi nadiap,


Instead of editing .tpl files directly, try looking at configuring the modules that generate the content/links. All the configuration options for the modules are in the admin section under the Modules tab (modules submenu if you're in PS version 1.5).


For instance, if you go to the CMS block (Front Office Features) and click configure, you'll notice there are some links in the footer generated from there that you can add or remove where necessary.


You can also disable modules altogether if you don't need the links from them. For example, again in Front Office Features there's the 'My Account block on footer' module that generates all of the 'My Account' links in your shop's footer. If you decide you don't need those, just click disable.


If you need to know which module is generating each link/section of content, just view the page source on your shop and it'll give you a good idea of what modules are being used, so you'll know which module folder and its corresponding .tpl file to edit if all else fails.


If you have been editing .tpl files but not noticing any changes, make sure (in Advanced Parameters > Performance) that Force compilation is selected and cache is disabled.


Good luck!

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Thank you Joel,

I had edited my post to say that I found out how to do all that you described via the modules section, probably didn't explain it as well as I should have I guess :) I didn't have to resort to touching any of the .tpl files, thank goodness :)


I'm putting up a new topic regarding a mis-displayed block if you care to take a look at that and see if you can help lol


Thanks for taking the time to reply to my newbie question ! :)

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