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Multiple Product Attributes but only 1 shows when customer orders

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I have set up a product which is customisable and has three product attributes, but when the item is ordered I can only see the colour attribute selected in the back office.


I need to see all attributes in the back office to complete orders.


Is this possible?



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sickshot, by relevant I just mean the attributes that are applicable to the product. E.g. if you have attributes across all products of colour, size, disk space & flavour and one of the products you sell is T-shirts, the only relevant attributes you are likely to select would be colour and size.

The link you provided says 'product no longer available'.

Can you provide a screenshot of the combinations page for a product where you have set up your combinations.

Thanks, Dave

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Although I'm not familiar with 1.4 versions of Prestashop, I think the principle is the same as in my other post I linked to.

You create a single combination manually by selecting the required values for each of ADD, AXIS, CYL and SHP. The important thing is to click the Add button for each of the 4 choices so you end up with those 4 choices listed in the box next to the Add & Delete buttons.

Than add other info such as impact on price, etc. Only then should you click the  'Add this combination' button.

I don't know if every combination of ADD, AXIS, CYL & SHP is possible. If so, that would give you 240 combinations to set up, which would probably be easier with the combinations generator.

Cheers, Dave

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