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Image problem in products using external links

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Hi Guys,


I know this has alot of posts regarding this issue, but I have read and tried alot, The problem is I am uploading my products via CSV and I after I uploaded these successfully and goto the Main site I am getting "NO Image Available" on all products. my site if anyone cares to take a look for me is www.woswyn.co.uk I can provide any setting to you if it helps solve my issue. I am using prestashop v1.5.3.1


example url I am putting into the url column is http://pan4.fotovista.com/dev/4/9/14526794/l_14526794.jpg



Would much appreciate your help in this matter





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Hello everybody,


I have the same problem with versions 1.5.3 and

In v.1.5.2 was all right.


I tried to check, if that was permissions problem and in version, I found many pairs of small files in folder /upload with names like: 50e75c4348163, 50e75c43475ab, ... .

In the first one is always the name of product I try to import and in the second is the URL to image of product from csv file.


I'm affraid, all the products go to the Home category, not to categories from column in csv file.


Is it a bug with import in new version?


I can't find a clue, maybe somebody can?


Thanks a lot!



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I have just upgraded to the latest version and ALL products imported via .csv do not show the images or go to the correct category...



link was right above you post but you can find it here as well.


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