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Add new custom file to order (step 2) process

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How to do that ? My modification fail....


I've add new input field in order-carrier.tpl:


<input type="text" class="hidden" name="dateDel" id="dateDel" value="22222" />


to Class/Order.php


public $dateDel;


protected $fieldsValidate = array('dateDel' => 'isString', ....................


protected $webserviceParameters = array( 'fields' => array( 'dateDel' => array('xlink_resource'=> 'carriers'),......................


public function getFields()



$fields['dateDel'] = $this->dateDel;



to mysql table ps_orders:


dataDel (varchar)

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Ok I've solved this issue .

Additionally I've added line in file classes\PaymentModule.php


public function validateOrder($id_cart, $id_order_state, $amountPaid, $paymentMethod = 'Unknown', $message = NULL, $extraVars = array(), $currency_special = NULL, $dont_touch_amount = false, $secure_key = false)



$order->dateDel = $cart->dateDel;

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