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Add Edit Button To Product Page


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I am a professional PHP programmer but have no experience with template driven application designs.


I would like to add an edit button at the bottom of the product pages.

Ideally the button would be displayed if the person is an admin but I would settle for it working with just my user ID or Name. I am using 1.4.9.


I have pretty much figured out the code to do this except for the Smarty code to tell who the user is.

Is there someone that is willing to mentor me through this?


Thank you,

Jan Zumwalt - SecurityWarehouseStore.com

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Hi Jan,


Do you want to display this button in the Front or in the Back Office ?


If you have the code then in tpl add this

{if isset($jan_edit_button)}


In your php you put something like this



Remember that tpl is cached then if your result does not appear, dump smarty compile folder (keep index.php in it)


Not sure if it will help you, anyway merry Christmas.


Best regards

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Thank yo for your reply :)


I would like an "edit" button to appear on each product page in the front office - but only if it is me or an admin. When I am working with a customer I sometimes see a mistake and would like to go right to the product edit screen to fix it.


I have a snippet of code that will take me to the edit screen but have been unable to figure out how the template system is saving user settings/validation or identification.


In PHP pseudo code I am trying to do this...



If (is user admin) {

show edit button->link to edit;



As I said earlier, I have not used the Smarty template code before but with a "normal" PHP program either

a cookie, session var, or db value would tell if the user has a admin account. Then we would do something like this...


If (isset($_SESSION['admin'])) {
  echo '<INPUT type="button" value="Edit"  onClick="window.location='http://www.test.com/GET values'">';  



I pretty much have things figured out except the logic in red.

I only have myself to worry about in my shop but would like to provide a better solution to share with others.

Thanks again for any assistance you can offer.

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I have not really tested but try this

$cookieLifetime = (time() + (((int)Configuration::get('PS_COOKIE_LIFETIME_BO') > 0 ? (int)Configuration::get('PS_COOKIE_LIFETIME_BO') : 1)* 3600));
$admin_cookie = new Cookie('psAdmin', '', $cookieLifetime);
 if $admin_cookie->isLoggedBack()


Best regards

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