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Display all product combinations with price

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Is it possible to display all product combinations in a table with a price and quantity box next to each one?


We'd need it to work so that it would build the list based on one attribute e.g 'Size'. Each 'Size' would then be a row in the table. Then we would need to offer a 'Colour' column on each row that would be a drop down box.


So on the 'view product' page you would end up with:


A3 - Select Colour - £3.99 [qty input]

A4 - Select Colour - £2.99 [qty input]

A5 - Select Colour - £1.99 [qty input]


We have a client that has already achieved this in Magento, but we would like to move them onto PrestaShop.


Are there any modules that could display the combinations in this way, and if not would it be difficult to write a module that would do this or would PrestaShop's database structure make it difficult?


Thank you

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