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How to get last Prestashop with fixes from GIT using TortoiseGit


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Could someone exprienced explaine for common users in step-by-step guide how to get Prestashop 1.5 with latest fixes from github.com using TortoiseGit.


It was very convenient and simlple to understand for common users (not programmers!) get last SVN version with last fixes. But getting it from Git is very complicated. Once again: please explainthis for users, who want just get Prestashop with last fixes. No branches, commits etc. that is just for programmers


Please answer.


1. There was only 1 variant of Prestashop in SVN. And it was very convenient.


But there ara 3 variants on Git: master, development and release. What variant contains last fixes confirmed by developer?


In other words - what variant is newest and recommended for installation by user?


2. Should I regiter on github.com to get fresh version of Prestashop?


3. I am working under Windows 7 SP1 32 bit. And would like use TortoiseGit to always get fresh version of Prestashop.


Should I install just Git-1.8.0-preview20121022.exe or msysGit-fullinstall-1.8.0-preview20121022.exe or both from http://code.google.c.../downloads/list before installing TortoiseGit? I cannot understand should I install both for working of TortoiseGit or just one of them.


4. How to download latest Prestashop 1.5 (master, release pr development) using TortoiseGit to a directory on local hard disk?


5. How to sync downloaded copy with last updates on github.com ?


6. How review changes made by last fixes in files and what namely files was changed to update in working site?


SVN was very convenient for that: comparing, showing revisions, changed files etc. In github I totally lost orientation - it is very complicated for common users to control changing without step-by-step guide.


If possible please provide screenshots.


Please do not refer to other links that are wrote for programmers, not common users.

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Did you ever get this figured out?  I am just starting out on Prestashop with 1.5.5 and now I am on 1.5.6 but almost all the bug fixes point to git and I would like a way to sync up with the newest (stable) patches from git but I don't know the best way to go about it.  Any help would be much appreciated.  It's a shame that nobody reponded to your great post! Thanks!

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