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[HELP] Linking product quantities in stock


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My shop will have a wholesale section where customers can buy my releases in packs of 5; this is in addition to normally selling the product as a single unit. I am having trouble deciding how to go about this because I would have to constantly edit both quantity values - single and wholesale - to keep everything accurate after every sale. It's the sort of thing I would ideally want automated.


Basically, I want to link the products in a way that the quantity in stock value of the wholesale product AND the single product will decrease by 5 for every 1 wholesale unit sold, and I want this to work vice-versa too - each single CD (for example) sold subtracts 1 from both single and wholesale product quantity value.


Is this possible? If so, what would I have to do?


I am running PS v1.5.2.



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Packs could work, hopefully that'll take care of "subtract 5 quantity per 1 unit sold", but I don't know if that'll mean the "single purchases subtract 1 from both product quantity values" may be harder to implement as a result of the ws becoming a pack.


I have put all the ws products into their own category, but I have to admit I don't know what you mean by "associate that to a wholesale group". I'm a right neophyte when it comes to these things.


I'll see what happens, hopefully it'll work out. Thanks.

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You can create groups in Customers/Groups, then you can edit the categories so that only certain groups have access to them.

This way, you can set things up so that regular customers can see the categories with "normal" products, but not the "wholesale" categories, and vice versa.



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