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Custom supplier-e-mails based on order and location of customer


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I have a complex problem to solve:


My client does have a Prestashop with several categories and products.

Now they want order-confirmations to different suppliers and based on the location of the customer (zip-code).


We have:

- 8 zip-code areas based on customer adress(ex. 1000-1999, 2000-2999, etc)

- 3 order-catgories based on product-order (cat1,cat2,cat3 if order contains cat1&cat2)

- different receivers (rec1,rec2,rec3 for each category (and to make it even more complex: they are based on the zip code area...)


How could I realize this? (and even use it after updates) Or is there an excisting module available? (I do still pray...)


Best thanks in advance


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