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Additional IMG and DESCRIPTION for manufacturers


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When you click on manufacturer name in a standard version of Prestashop 1.5 you will have a list of products of this manufacturer.


I need to add above this list a small image and description for each manufacturer.

I know how to do most of this but Im stuck with some probably easiest thing.


In theme... /manufacturer.tpl I have added {HOOK_SOMEMYHOOK}, I have created module using this hook, hook is registered in DB and front controller so it works.


In manufacturer.tpl there is an object called $manufacturer with name, id, etc...


And now, how can i let my module / hook know current manufacturer ID to display right description?

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Where are you registering the hook? You can pass variables to it, if you need to. If you're adding it from the manufacturer controller, you can pass in the current manufacturer data so it can be then accessed via $params by your new hook (in the php file). Or, depending on where th hook is in the template, if you only need to perform action there, you can just use the template variable.


Or maybe I'm missing some point :wacko:

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