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import language pack not working ?


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I have declared the languages as explained in the wiki (menu tools /language)
So I got the language (for example german) listed but without the green hack as language pack is missing (OK)

I go to tools/translation
in import language pack I give the path to the gzip file I have downloaded (de.gzip) and I get the error
1. archive cannot be extracted

The same problem with spanish or Brazilian translation, so it is not linked to the language pack file

If I unzip and untar the language pack and manually copy the files, it seems to work (at least for the Brazilian language)

If I export the english version and import it again, it works !

The test is done with version 1.1

Have I made something wrong or missed some step ?

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Either you have to CHMOD your directories and files OR your web site is hosted on a shared server. If you are on a shared server contact your provider and ask them to extract the file for you. Mine wouldn't do it so I uploaded all files manually..... quite a job but it works.


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First, thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately, I think it is not the problem as I can re-import the english translation
I have checked the access right and I have for translation directory the full rights (ie rwx far owner, group and others)

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