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Force the currency at the paiement page .


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Hello everybody ,

I' have a new prestashop store and i was working with paypal as the only paiement module.

i'm trying now to install stripe and authorize.net with an american bank account , the problem is that this two solutions only accept charges in USD ( i don't have this problem with Paypal) . i don't want to delete all the other currencies , so i thougt i may let everything as is , and only when the customer arrives at the paiement page where he choose paiement method , i switch to the USD ( with maybe a message indicating that we convert his cart to USD to complete paiement ).

i'm not so good at programming , but i know it has something to do with the :'Tools::set Currency()' , we have maybe to insert it at the header of order.php page or something , along with the message .

Since i'm not sure , an i don't want to mess with the original code , i want your advise please.

Thank you very much .

PS : prestaphop version

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