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Hello everyone, I would like to make a change to product_attributes to display only the correct values ​​and not all possible values.

Let me give an example for simplicity:

I have these combinations of attributes:


Attribute "Brand" has the value "BMW" and attribute "model" with value "Z4"


Attribute "Brand" has the value "FERRARI" and attribute "model" with value "360MODENA"

and many others ...


I wish after selecting (in Fornt Office) Brand attribute with the value in the attribute BMW next appear only the ability to select only the value Z4


The part of the code to be modified should be in the file product.tpl:


<div class="attribute_list">

{if ($group.group_type == 'select')}

<select name="{$groupName}" id="group_{$id_attribute_group|intval}" class="attribute_select" onchange="findCombination();getProductAttribute();{if $colors|@count > 0}$('#wrapResetImages').show('slow');{/if};">

{foreach from=$group.attributes key=id_attribute item=group_attribute}

<option value="{$id_attribute|intval}"{if (isset($smarty.get.$groupName) && $smarty.get.$groupName|intval == $id_attribute) || $group.default == $id_attribute} selected="selected"{/if} title="{$group_attribute|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}">{$group_attribute|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</option>






you can guide me on how to make this change?

Thanks to all

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