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Fancybox - Thickbox image close-up resize


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Hello Prestashopers !!


Im (once again) experiencing some issues and im hoping someone may be able to assist with a solution - to keep it simple ill just put the error im having in point form.


- I have selected my image sizes in the preferences


- I have the Large_default set to 310 x 310


- i have purposely set the "thickbox" image to 650 x 650 as ( i assume ) this is the "view larger size" image of the product.


-when clicking the "view larger size" icon, the image is still smaller than the main product image.


-My guess is its due to the size of the "Fancybox"


-I use Firefox with firebug extension, which i usually inspect the item to find its coded information, file location, and also "Live Edit" the page before making changes in dreamweaver.

example -


#fancybox-wrap { jquery.fancybox.css (line69)

background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3) !important;

border-radius: 8px 8px 8px 8px;


I have inspected the thick-box and fancy-box, but the right panel (that usually states a file location / style information, doesn't refer me to any files it just says



element.style {


border-width: 10px;

height: 253px;

opacity: 1;

width: 248px;


Is anyone able to direct me to the file that alters the size of the fancybox? i have looked at the

jquery.fancybox.css file but all the height / width percentages are set to 100%. so perhaps i need to edit an index page and not a .css styling file?


thank-you in advance

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Ok ill give that a shot. And yeah i did have them set at 750 x 750, as iv been going through trying all sorts of sizes to see if the fancybox would get larger, but ill try uploading the largest image size as you suggested - i didn't think of doing that, as usually i have to re-seize the images to make them smaller so my server doesnt time out while uploading, but i must have resized them a little to small. Cheers for your help !!

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in my case, what i see is that using thickbox, when i click a products image, the thicbox "box" size depends on how big the browser window is. So, even if I have the thickbox img size increased from 600x600 to 1000x1000 and the img is actually even bigger, the size displayed when clicked depend on the browser size.

I would like to have the image shown at full size when clicked, always. I will be testing and let see if i find out anything.


good journey

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Hello there,


I was also researching how to increase the size of the fancybox. It would be nice that fancybo resizes itself depending on the image width, but it doesnt....


So, what I did, first I changed the "thickbox image" to a bigger that default value, and based on 16:9 size, so like 1000x700. Then regenerate the images.


From now on, all the images that are uploaded after this change, will be bigger on the fancybox.

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