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Hi all,


First of all I am brand spanking new to prestashop and this is my first post so I will try to make the most of it and thank you ahead of time for your help.


I work for a company using prestashop and we have been using the default invoice for all of our shipping. Recently we did a promotion with another company and had to user their packing slips in our boxes as a part of the promotion. One thing I really liked was the layout of the invoices.


The invoice starts just like the standard logo and invoice/delivery number on top but then prior to the shipping information it has a short blurb about the company, then the shipping address information. After that the invoice/delivery slip does not end like the standard prestashop one does it has a blurb leading you to an image with action items followed by another blurb with contact information.


Now I know thats a lot to support with in a forum so I will start with my highest priority.


I would like to add an image of my own creating directly below the the total cost on the invoice or under the total cost on the delivery slip or both if you are extra amazingly awesome.


As I said I am new to all of this so if you need more information please feel free to tell me what you need and I will provide what I can.


Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi Haylau,


Thank you for you fast response.


Unfortunately our budget is nothing which is why I am trying to figure it out on my own. I feel it should be somewhat simple since I am not referencing anything based off of values I am just trying to add an image.


The only way I could do it with just installing a module is if it is a free one :-(


Thank you so much though!

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This is what I figured I would have to do but I honestly do not know where to start so I was hoping for any help I could get from the awesome people of this forum.


Thanks for the luck, looks like I will need it!!!

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