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cannot access smarty variables in prestashop product controller

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In the product page of prestashop, the thumbnails are not showing because the image width and the image height are showing up blank after the page is rendered. However, when I go to the productcontroller page, it is showing that there are definitions for them. I don't want to manually adjust the size of the thumbnails. It should be dynamic based on the mediumSize.


Can someone please let me know if they encounter this problem before and how they manage to fix it?



<li id="thumbnail_{$image.id_image}">

<a href="{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $imageIds, 'thickbox')}" rel="other-views" class="thickbox {if $smarty.foreach.thumbnails.first}shown{/if}" title="{$image.legend|htmlspecialchars}">

<img id="thumb_{$image.id_image}" src="{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $imageIds, 'medium')}" alt="{$image.legend|htmlspecialchars}" height="{$mediumSize.height}" width="{$mediumSize.width}" />







public function initContent()




// Assign template vars related to the images







protected function assignImages()
 $images = $this->product->getImages((int)$this->context->cookie->id_lang);
 $product_images = array();
 foreach ($images as $k => $image)
  if ($image['cover'])
   $this->context->smarty->assign('mainImage', $images[0]);
   $cover = $image;
   $cover['id_image'] = (Configuration::get('PS_LEGACY_IMAGES') ? ($this->product->id.'-'.$image['id_image']) : $image['id_image']);
   $cover['id_image_only'] = (int)$image['id_image'];
  $product_images[(int)$image['id_image']] = $image;
 if (!isset($cover))
  $cover = array('id_image' => $this->context->language->iso_code.'-default', 'legend' => 'No picture', 'title' => 'No picture');

 $size = Image::getSize('large');
  'have_image' => Product::getCover((int)Tools::getValue('id_product')),
  'cover' => $cover,
  'imgWidth' => (int)$size['width'],
  'mediumSize' => Image::getSize('medium'),
  'largeSize' => Image::getSize('large'),
  'homeSize' => Image::getSize('home'),
  'col_img_dir' => _PS_COL_IMG_DIR_));
 if (count($product_images))
  $this->context->smarty->assign('images', $product_images);

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