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Hi this is an odd one.


I've just lost quite a lot of money because I misunderstood the cart rules policies :(


OK I want a cart rule which gives a 50% discount on products from a certain category.


I add a new cart rule


Set condition for category and manufacturer


Actions: apply a discount (50%)


Unbeknownst to me and because I didn't pay attention to the text, the voucher applied a discount to the ENTIRE order.


So how do I get it to discount only the product from the category which I specified in the original rules?


Thanks in advance

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On page 3 (actions)



Apply discount to

Order (without shipping) - Specific product - Cheapest product - Selected product(s)


Pick 'selected products'.


It is a wild guess, don't blame me if I am wrong and you loose money again :(


Hope this helps.




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I changed some code and now I get cheapest product from only the products defined in the cart rule and not on the whole order.


It was really crazy. I have a watch and you can select a watch strap for a discount. I select all watches and all watch straps as products in the condition tab. I select 50% discount for cheapest product and I expected that the watch strap was cheapest. BUT actually when someone ordered a cheaper tiny think e.g. 2 euro then he gets 1 euro discount as that was the cheapest product.


So I changed cart core logic and I still don't understand why presta is having so many side effects on cart rules. I see many but no time to show them and discuss here.

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