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a few problems with my theme layerd navigation

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I've launched the website ()but after the launch i stumbled on a strange theme behaviour.


when you go to "webshop" and choos for the filter in stock (just for example) it shows all the products but when you delete the filter, the space from the last product in grid to the footer gets bigger


and it gets bigger and bigger every time you enable and disable a fliter.


how can i fix this?

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it seems to be because of the way you (or who coded the theme) andled the product-list.tpl page. Basically, every time you fire the layered navigation's funcionality, it replaced the content of the tag with id "product_list" with the result of the search. Now, since you have a wrapper around it, the wrapper itself gets added more and more times, every time you tick/untick a box


If you change the wrapper id to product_list, you should have a pretty easy solution. Otherwise you'd need to edit the blocklayered.js file



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