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Trying to update .tpl of Prestashop Mobile Template for 1.4


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Hi, I'm trying to mofidy the header-page.tpl file for the Prestashop Mobile Template for 1.4.


None of the changes I make are reflected in the live mobile site. I have force complile enabled and cache disabled.


Basically I'm trying to add our logo image to the header.


I can even delete this file completely from the server and the header still loads as normal. Am I missing something?

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I am having the same issue. I have modified a .tpl file for the Mobile Theme module (developed by PS) but i haven't managed to see the changes on the mobile device. I have cleared the smarty, the cache, forced compiled. I also cleared the data and cache on my phone (android) browser and it still shows the original .tpl file code.


Any pointers will be appreciated.



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