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Layered Navigation (mod Blocklayer) Not navigating properly

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Hi All,


Hopefully I am posting in the correct place.


I have recently installed Prestashop on a Windows 2003 IIS 6 server. I have not yet configured any rewriting. It is running in catalogue mode.


The site is installed in a directory off the domain root (domain/catalogue).


The site is running fine, and navigates correctly.


BUT Layered Navigation (otherwise known as the module blocklayer) is not working properly (version 1.8.9).


The Ajax part is fine, it navigate correctly and works fine.


BUT the bit that always happens after the Ajax where the page reloads is causing me the problems (this happens when ever I click any part of the filter list (except for the hide/unhide)).


There are two problems:


The page keeps getting redirected to the site Root Domain/#, not Domain/catalogue/#

The page seems to only want to do friendly-urls (which is no use as they are not configured)


My current work around is I have commented out the line

494 : //window.location = current_friendly_url;

In blocklayered.js


This is stopping the page redirection and the problem. Of course this will be of no use to anyone who can't use Ajax.


So there appears to be an extra problem, the code is not discovering the Ajax is working/happening.


I have been looking at this for hours now. I am not a JavaScript expert, and my PHP is OK (I can write my own non-optimised scrappy code that works)


From my investigations:

I can't see any real references to non-url-friendly links at all.

I can't see why Ajax is not detected (or where it is tested for)

I can't see what is creating the incorrect redirection url either (the base part of it, I can see the stuff the other side of the #).


In short I can't see where anything is for me to try and fix it. All I have managed is to disable the page reload.


It does raise the question, does this module work with non-url-friendly urls?


Oh yes, I have rebuilt all the indexes etc to make sure it was not that.


Any help much appreciated. Please remember I am not an expert, just semi skilled, so fairly verbose instructions would be much appreciated.


I hope this all makes sense.





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Netspud2K, dit you already found a solution for this problem? I got exactly the same issue.


Or if there's anyone else how can help me out.



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