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[Solved] Duplicate Error


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I urgently need someone who can debug what is wrong in my theme on a prestashop 1.5.2 install.


The theme Works perfectly in 1.4x, but not 1.5x


The problem is, when you add a product to the shopping cart, the left column cart block shows double the amount of products in the shopping cart. (When the page is reloaded).


The actual subtotal in the shopping cart is reflected correctly, the blockcart just shows duplicates.


I need someone to help me fix this ASAP. Just post or pm me your offer.

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hi ,

where did you this theme from ? perhaps it is made for 1.4



will test it tomorrow in a fresh install


just checked the files , it is designed for version 1.4 not for 1.5


so you need some modifications when you want to use this one


you can try one thing


go to your theme ,

then modules ,,


add some letters before the folder blockcart


like ----xxx----blockcart

and test it again

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I had exactly the same issue, and renamed the blockcart dir as well. The duplication is gone indeed, but its replaced with a new problem, the rows are not alligned in the cart anymore;




add something to the cart and you see the shipping and total costs are 1 line off with the actual tag.


did i do something wrong? and isnt there valuable (style) data in the blockcart dir of my template?


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