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How to update price using the prestashop 1.5.2 API?

Claudiu Nesa

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Does anyone know how to update a certain product price from a custom module.


I try to make something like this: after 10 days I want to update the price of the product with +/-2% depending on some variables that I'm creating inside my module.


I searched all over the internet and also in prestashop classes in order to find a method that simply updates the price of a product but with no luck so far.


I even thought to update it manually by executing an insert directly from my module but I noticed that it won't be a good approach.


Thank you in advance,


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Hi Claudiu,


With the new_price and the id_product of the product you want to udpate :

 $product = new Product($id_product);
 $product->price = $new_price;


You will perhaps have to deal with wholesale_price.




Is there something else that I should do after $product->update(); 'cause it does not change the price in the database for that product.

Thank you!

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Hi Claudiu,


Do you have specific prices ?

If you make a test on one product (id_product 22) and look in mysql the price is still the same ?


Try also this code.

$product = new Product((int)$id_product);
 $product->price = (float)$new_price;


Tell me if it does not work.



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  • 4 months later...

Hi ondapc


Before asking for explanation you can :

- write 'Hello' because even computer have 'handshake' or 'session start'....

- check the way you make weird foreach php loop

- choose words : 'mysql' has nothing to do here it is hidden

- thanks in advance for free support

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