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[Solved] Stop Customer Password Reset Opening New Window

Chris G 29

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When the customer receives a password reset email and clicks the link in the email to confirm that their password should be reset a new window is opened:




The customer now has two windows opened which I think could be confusing. I originally though I would modify the code to remove the confirmation email but now think it gives some additional protection.


What I would like to do is:


Customer requests password reset

- http://www.mysite.co...ssword-recovery opened

- password recovery email sent


Customer clicks link in email to confirm reset

- http://www.mysite.co...ssword-recovery shows message to say new passord has been sent.


Customer can then return to the login page by clicking on 'back to login'


I'm using version


The link in the email seems to be in PasswordController.php line 58


'{url}' => self::$link->getPageLink('password.php', true).'?token='.$customer->secure_key.'&id_customer='.(int)$customer->id),


but I don't know why this would open a new page, unless its something to do with the token.


Any help appreciated



Chris g

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