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[SEARCH] Products by price Module PS 1.5.x

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Hi, I am looking for a block that would allow a customer to search for a product based on a budget, for example :

  • between 0 and 5€
  • between 5 and 20€
  • between 20 and 100€
  • more than 100€

The module should work like the Blocklayered Module native in PS 1.5.x, but could be displayed in the Homepage’s leftColumn, and working with all products, and not a specified category.


It has to be compatible with PS 1.5.x, actually such a block exists for free, but only with PS 1.4.4 max.



Any Hints ? Thanks by advance !

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Hello Buchanon,

I advise you to use a filter, that it should be placed to the left of the homepage.

You can find a lot here URL (http://addons.presta...stashop-modules)

Best Regards


Hi ! thanks for your advice, but addons that do what I'm looking for just don't exist for PS 1.5.x.

I'm actually working on an alternate solution by adapting the shopByPrice module. But I still don't understand how to properly link it to the product-list.tpl...


brg :)

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IMO you will not found any free module in version 1.5.x


but we will see maybe somebody will share free module for version 1.5.x

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