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i have been trying to edit my horizontal menu white gap between the menu and the header. i am unable to get rid of the white gap. please see image attached.


i have tried firebug to find the problem but it doesnt represent any code that appears the white gap. i have also tried editing the css superfish but it didnt even edit anything! in fact, how come the superfish css doesnt correspond to what ive editied?


please somebody help me! :(



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thanks for replying.. im having a major problem with the css cause it doesnt correspond to anything i do. i even purposely deleted the whole script in the superfish css and nothing happened! am i editing the wrong file? cause i tried all the other files as well..





Good Morning,


Try going back to .sf-menu css and change the margin from 10px to 0px as per the attached image


Hope this helps



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Hi.. i may have not editied the right file because i can edit the global.css and everything works fine but the horizontal menu superfish css isn't working at all. however, i checked the file location through firebug so i know that the file location should be correct but it still doesnt work after i edit it. any solutions?







either you did not edit the right file or you have not set the force compile /cache correctly to display the changes you made on your browser.

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