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[Free Module] Prestashop Social Buttons

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Thanks for this free module, clean and it works!


But I need help to configure it. How can I move the position in the product page? I have got this button before the print link, which file I need to modify or which option I need to touch?


Thank you very much.


here is the ss.





Open themes>yourtheme>product.tpl and find the below lines

			<li class="print"><a href="javascript:print();">{l s='Print'}</a></li>

The module is hooked to the $HOOK_EXTRA_LEFT hook, so if you want the social buttons are listed below the Print button, you need to change the above lines like below:

			<li class="print"><a href="javascript:print();">{l s='Print'}</a></li>

But if you want to locate the social buttons at top, you need to go to the Bakcoffice>Modules>Positions and find the Product Extra Left tab, then change the module display order such as the social buttons come to the top.


Hope that helps :)

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Hello Meg Venture - 


I am new here and this is my first post.  


I would suggest changing your original post to say that this module works for 1.6 so we don't have to read through 6 pages to find out.  You might be missing everyone who has 1.6


Thank you!!



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