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[Solved] Combination Problem

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Hi everyone, I am new to prestashop, I started to set it up today and have hit many problems which i have so far managed to solve via searching the forum - however I havent been able to solve this one as yet - hence my post:


The Issue is with product combinations:


I have set up product combinations for T Shirts:




Red S

Red M

Red L


Black S

Black M

Black L

Black XL


As you can see Black has the additional XL size - however in the front end when the red color picker is selected it allows for the purchase of Red XL ( whichI dont have)


I have looked through the combinations and there is no Red XL listed.


I tried creating a new product but am having the same issue.


Any Ideas?


Thanks In Advance


Edit to add: I notice it takes away the add to cart button for the Red XL - However I would still like to remove the XL option for Red if possible.



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Hi, I can remove the options in combination generator - the issue is that the sizes which are not available still show in the drop down menu under the color picker choice- so despite it not having the 'add to cart button' its still displayed there - and in my opinion it could be a little confusing for some customers ..


Eg it would be better either removed or grayed out

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Hi thanks for your reply, yes I did have it to not use stock due to my products being printed to order.


On your suggestion, I have set it to use stock and thats solved the issue by adding a note which says 'This combination does not exist for this product. Please choose another'..


I've gone on to change this message to something more suitable in product.tpl in my theme folder.


Thanks a lot for the help DesignHaus42

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